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PHOENIX : Oneida Eagle Bows


The Phoenix delivers exciting new technologies and unheard of versatility to archers. Quieter than comparable lever action designs before it, the Phoenix offers an exceptional all-around performance that both bowfishermen and bowhunters will fall in love with.1-performance outboard limbs, a precision cam and lever system, and a new machined-aluminum riser combine to define just some of the Phoenix’s appeal. This bow boasts the silky smooth draw, and feel of a recurve, with the let-off, power, and energy of a compound. The new riser design gives archers a long sight window for fast target acquisition with an ergonomic handle that greatly increases the hunter’s natural point of aim.

With its versatile and easy-to-maintain design, this bow also offers a wide range of let-off adjustment with its interchangeable module design. A new vibration suppression system and user-friendly draw stops are very exciting improvements, giving the archer a superior shooting performance

  • 65-80% Let Off
  • 305 IBO Speed
  • 24.5 - 31" Draw Length
  • Bow Weight 4.4 lbs

100 % Made in USA.

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