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Kestrel : Oneida Eagle Bows


Strike from above with the smooth shooting, silent, hard-hitting energy and accuracy of the Oneida Eagle Kestrel.

Offering the best of both bow worlds, the Kestrel gives hunters the silky smooth, constant draw and feel of a recurve with the hard hitting power and impact energy of a compound. Combining high performance engineered structural composite outboard limbs with a precision cam and lever system and lightweight, durable, machined riser, this lever action bow delivers the goods when that trophy buck walks into shooting range.

This versatile bow also offers a wide range of let off adjustment, thanks to its interchangeable module design. Giving demanding archers a unique combination of feel, precision, and performance in the field, the smooth shooting, natural pointing Kestrel delivers a high performance bow hunting experience like no other.

100% Made in USA.

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